About Me

Sitting, Smiling, Bryant ParkHi there. My name is Corey Scheiner. My journey has taken me from a play-by-play broadcaster to Emmy-Award winning editor, and to California to work in anything but. I’m now on the Princeton Football Broadcast team and direct a social media page. Instagram @gentlemensresale81 if you’re interested.

My early-20s professional sabbatical helped me realize my lifelong undiagnosed struggle with Major Depressive Disorder. Say it out loud: Depression. It’s a lame word, but one this sports blog keeps perpetually in the back of its mind as my battle with it is a daily one. However, I have formed a more rounded perspective of life, a newfound passion for mental health awareness, but most importantly renewed my confidence in myself as a born sports teacher, play-by-play voice,  and human being. 

My previously life-long neglect of mental health’s importance coupled with my obsession for sports lead me to my strongest sports opinion: There is more untapped knowledge in the mental aspect of sports and leadership than we know, perceive, analyze, and discuss.

We don’t mention how Greg Bird, rookie Yankee 1B came in defensively in the 8th inning (of an irrelevant game) and immediately took control of a geographically unfriendly infield popup in a veteran infield. What does this say about his confidence as a hitter? Can we measure dugout camaraderie and does it correlate with late-came composure and confidence (see 2013 Red Sox beard tugs, 2014 Giants “YES YES YES” and the 2017 Yankees thumbs down).

When you listen to my podcast or read my articles and think, “…didn’t think about that,” I’ve done my job. You’ll hear my perspective which I’ve come to realize isn’t always a popular one, but it’s a smart one, it’s a contrarian one, and it’s a genuine one.