Always stay until the end of the game….

I must have been eight years old. My dad and I were at Yankee Stadium where the Yanks were facing the Baltimore Orioles. At the end of the eighth inning, with the Yankees down by two, he looked at me and asked, “Wanna go?” Beating the traffic is not a priority to an eight year old, and without hesitation I looked at him like he was crazy. He said, “OK nevermind.”

In the bottom of the ninth, Scott Brosius hit a three-run walk off home run.

Last night I was at the Rutgers/USF game with a couple buddies. It was freezing. Gary Nova was terrible and replaced late. Rutgers mustered up a total of three points to USF’s ten with eight minutes to go in the fourth quarter. Everything was favoring the “The longer we stay, the more we suffer” notion. Once USF’s Demetrius Murray walked it in from four yards out, we all looked at each other, gave the head nod, and left.

It would’ve been nice to see a win at my first Rutgers game. Ehh… oh well.

Within one minute of passing the “No Re-entry sign” the crowd roars. Jakub’s iPhone told us Jeremy Deering returned it from 98 yards out. 17-10.  We laughed but still figured a win was a longshot. Later, Chas Dodd’s gorgeous pass to Brandon Coleman ties it.

The unanimous reaction was a combination of “F***” and “lol”

Skip ahead to :02 left in the fourth when USF is setting up for a 25 yard field goal. At this point we’re back at Jeff’s Rutgers house watching the game with about ten others. I was rooting for the home team, but was taking solace in the fact at least leaving early didn’t come back to bite us.

I can not remember the last time I have ever seen a <25 yard field goal miss – at any level.

Sure enough, the kick is blocked and the whole room collectively stands as one. Fists are up and hands are clapping, all while those who left are hurting a little inside.

Rutgers eventually comes back to win via San San Te’s right foot, and while overall I’m happy, I can’t believe I should’ve been there for it.

Sports fans – stay the entire game…no matter how much you’re down. If you leave, you had better be darn sure the game is over – and if not, then be prepared.

You may be leaving just as the game begins.


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